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If you’ve been following me for a while you may know how much I like and recommend the web site creation products from The Turning Gate (TTG). TTG started out creating Web Module plug-ins for Lightroom and their current platform is called Backlight. I wrote about it when it first came out, here and here.
Backlight 1.0 became available in mid-2016 and it just keeps improving. The latest release, 1.2 (or "Pangolin"), refines Backlight and comes with improvements and new features based on customer feedback, and a lot more design flexibility.

The new Justified thumbnail layout

The new Pangolin image galleries are now using Fancybox rather than Photoswipe, which apparently was no longer being actively developed. And a new thumbnail grid layout has been added: Justify. It looks really nice and I may eventually adopt it for my own website (which, at this writing, is still rocking the old Backlight 1.1.1 look. I know, I’ll get around to it…).

The top pallet

Design options have expanded with the addition of a top bar, called the “Top Pallet,” that can be configured to contain any of the following: site title, navigation, social media profile buttons, search button, widgets for Cart, Client Response or Fotomoto integration.

The Backlight Designer has been rearranged a bit to help make the process of designing more logical and there is now an option for using two masthead logo images: one for desktop and another for mobile. There’s even an option for a background masthead image.
Background images for pages is now supported directly in the designer whereas before, custom css was required.

Other back-end improvements are welcome as well, including the implementation of reCaptcha for email and the ability to clone Cart and Client Response items such as Cart pricing schemes, products, packages, and shipping methods and Client Response feedback profiles. For those photographers using the Cart or Client Response add-ons, the new cloning feature will be a big time saver.

Be sure to read the TTG blog posts about all the added improvements:
1.2 release
1.2.2 release

If you’re curious to see some of the possibilities, click on over to my Pangolin test site, where I have example of different layouts, albums, and customizations.

And if your even more curious, take a look at my TTG-Tips website for tutorials, tips, and more.

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