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Crossroads Sitka 2016

Workshop report

I just returned from a great week in Sitka helping out David Middleton and Brenda Berry with another Crossroads workshop. If you’re not familiar with Crossroads, the idea is blending photography and philanthropy. These workshops are for people who’ve already done the other kinds of workshops and are looking for something meaningful to do with ... Read more

Yellowknife Auroras

Tour report

Wow! Another amazing trip to see the auroras. This year I co-led the trip with my friend Victoria Dye. And if you know Victoria, you know that we ate really well. Not only does she have a knack for finding great places to eat, she’s also just happens to be a great field instructor as ... Read more

Crossroads Workshops – Sitka

workshop report

Last week I was in Sitka helping out David Middleton and Brenda Berry with a Crossroads Photographic Workshop. The idea behind Crossroads is “photography for the greater good,” where photographers who already have some skill learn how to take that next step into using their skills to do something meaningful with their photography. ... Read more

Blending two exposures in Photoshop

The Digital Grad ND Filter

This is a technique that essentially increases the dynamic range of your camera by taking two or more exposures, each optimized for specific elements of the image, and blending them in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements (or any image editing program capable of Layers). It’s usually used for scenes that have a foreground in shade and ... Read more

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