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Falling in love all over again

Rediscovering my 24mm eyes

Sout Falls at Silver Falls State Park, OR

Back in the film days, my only wide angle landscape lens was my Nikon 24mm f/2.8D. We had many fine moments together. Like the time we hiked seven miles one way to photograph a field of wildflowers in front of Mt. Rainier. Or the time I actually injured my Xiphoid process while spread eagle over ... Read more

My 2013 Favorites

Unfortunately, I don’t get out shooting as much as I’d really like to. What with the fact that I don’t do a lot of photographing at workshops and all the doggy walks I’m committed to when at home, I’m just not making the needed time. So my selection of favorites is rather limited.  One of ... Read more

Zion workshop report

Autumn in the southwest

I just returned from my Zion workshop.  We had beautiful crisp fall days and, unfortunately for the photography, screaming blue skies the entire time. While that makes for amazing tourist weather, it’s not the best for photography. Sure, you can still get some really nice pictures, but after the first morning you can start to ... Read more

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