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Combine images to show and stop motion blur

Situation: Photographing a scene with ferns in the foreground and a waterfall in the background. Slight breeze causes ferns to move. Needs: Depth of field from the foreground to the background. Silky waterfall. Sharp foreground. Problem: Silky waterfall requires long shutter speed ( 1/4 second or longer). Moving ferns require a fast shutter speed (1/30, ... Read more

Good Close-up Technique

Expensive lenses are nice, but technique is what will bring on the quality

It’s not enough to be able to get close to our subjects and achieve life-size magnification; you also need to employ good close-up technique when creating close-up images. Remember, you’re greatly magnifying your images and in doing so you greatly magnify any mistakes. One of the first technical considerations is eliminating camera shake. With higher ... Read more