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My favorites images from 2017

  Photographically, 2017 was an interesting year. I managed to capture some new favorite images from some very familiar locations; places I’ve been to year after year after year. Olympic National Park and the Palouse were particularly good to me this last year. The lesson, of course, is that if you’ve got a place you ... Read more

Fun with Image panels

Here’s something fun you can do with your images: create image panels!. And it’s really easy too. I’ve got a few more examples for you to look at here. The above image was created using Photoshop templates made by Jason Odell. If you don’t know who Jason is, he’s the author of a bunch of ... Read more

Think Tank improves their awesome Shape Shifter

(note: this post contains affiliate links) I’ve been using Think Tank’s Shape Shifter photo backpack for over four years. I can say that it’s the most versatile and most durable photo pack I’ve ever used. The internal pouch system holds your lenses and cameras. Cameras are stored flat rather than upright and there is no ... Read more