Fun with Image panels

Aurora over Prelude Lake, Powder Point Territorial Park, Northwest Territories, Canada

Here’s something fun you can do with your images: create image panels!. And it’s really easy too. I've got a few more examples for you to look at here.

The above image was created using Photoshop templates made by Jason Odell. If you don’t know who Jason is, he’s the author of a bunch of guide books to software such as the NIK series (now Google) of filters.

You could probably create these templates on your own, once you understand the concept, but for $10 you can get these pre-made. Plus you get the tutorials. He also offers a second, “expansion,” pack of these templates. You can get the templates and tutorials here. And while you’re there, take a look at some of his books, videos and tutorials.

I have no affiliation with Jason, but I have learned some cool stuff from him.

As you'll see in the tutorial, you can add layer styles. If you’re making a bunch of these image panels at once, you can just copy and paste the styles from one image to another, but if you come up with styles you like, be sure to save them.

Once you go through the process of creating your first image panel you'll want to try this on all sorts of images. And it's really only a process of a few clicks, so there's no excuse for not turning this into hours and hours of mindless entertainment (to steal a phrase from my friend Victoria Dye).

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