Think Tank improves their awesome Shape Shifter

(note: this post contains affiliate links) I’ve been using Think Tank’s Shape Shifter photo backpack for over four years. I can say that it’s the most versatile and most durable photo pack I’ve ever used. The internal pouch system holds your lenses and cameras. Cameras are stored flat rather than upright and there is no ... Read more

Crossroads Sitka 2016

Workshop report

I just returned from a great week in Sitka helping out David Middleton and Brenda Berry with another Crossroads workshop. If you’re not familiar with Crossroads, the idea is blending photography and philanthropy. These workshops are for people who’ve already done the other kinds of workshops and are looking for something meaningful to do with ... Read more

Creating your own website with Backlight

Backlit trees near Horsetail Falls

Regular readers know how much I love the Lightroom Web Module plugins made by The Turning Gate. My entire website, other than the Newsletter archives, has been constructed using tools from The Turning Gate. I really like the ability to control my entire photographic workflow, from ingestion to web publishing, all in Lightroom. But I ... Read more

Combine images to show and stop motion blur

Situation: Photographing a scene with ferns in the foreground and a waterfall in the background. Slight breeze causes ferns to move. Needs: Depth of field from the foreground to the background. Silky waterfall. Sharp foreground. Problem: Silky waterfall requires long shutter speed ( 1/4 second or longer). Moving ferns require a fast shutter speed (1/30, ... Read more

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Lightroom 6/cc: The Missing FAQ

Highly recommended. This is my go-to Lightroom book. Click on the book image.

Think Tank

Mind Shift


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