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TTG CE4 Lightroom Plug-ins

Web Module plug-ins on the cutting edge

The Turning Gate (the folks that make the Lightroom Web Module plug-ins that I use to create my website) has released their CE4 versions of the plug-ins. CE4 takes Lightroom web publishing to a new level. Frankly, I’m pretty amazed at how they managed to incorporate many requests from their customers. Keep in mind that ... Read more

TTG CE3 Theme For WordPress

The perfect companion to your photo site

Well, Matt at The Turning Gate has done it again. I really don’t know how he can make Lightroom do the things he can make it do. Anyway, he recently released his latest: TTG CE3 Theme for WordPress plug-in for Lightroom’s Web Module. If you read my blog, and you are right now, this WordPress ... Read more

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