The Palouse Region

Rolling Farmland and Graphic Landscapes

The Palouse farming region of southwest Washington State is a graphic landscape photographer’s dream come true. Patterns, curves, color contrasts, nice light, and a fence made of old metal wheels (and other round things). In the spring you’ll find the dark greens of wheat, lighter greens of the lentils, deep browns of freshly tilled earth, and if you’re lucky, bright yellow fields of canola. One of the best views in the area if from atop Steptoe Butte, which rises approximately 1000 feet above the surrounding countryside. During the harvest at the end of summer the wheat is golden and the days are hot.
And you’ll find lots and lots of barns. Some in varying states of collapse. In fact, every time I lead a workshop in the Palouse I have to go out a day or two early just to see which barns are still standing. Besides all the farm scenes in the area, there’s also Palouse Falls, a 200-foot waterfall that’s a remnant of the great Missoula Floods from over 13,000 years ago.
If you're planning your own trip to photograph the Palouse, take a look at the short site guide I've written.

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