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March 2017 



Holy Moly, but it's still cold in these here parts. We're even supposed to maybe get some more snow later today. This is what it looked like here a week ago when it snowed! But that lasted only a few short hours.
But spring is on its way nevertheless. Things are starting to bud on the trees and bushes and other things are poking their way out of the ground in our yard!

Welcome spring!

And even though were still stuck in winter here in the Pacific Northwest, Spring really is coming just around the corner, and that means dusting off the camera and exercising the photographer part of your brain. You know, for things like using hyperfocal focusing, grad filters and the like. With that in mind, if you’re in need of brushing up a bit, I’ve got some articles and posts on my website to help with that. Here are just a few: And there are even more gems to be found on my website. Visit my Lessons pages for some quick tips. Check out my Articles page for deeper dives. Also check out my blog, I have a number of blog posts in the "Techniques" category that may be of interest.

And it’s also time to get reacquainted with your tripod. By the way, how are things between you and your tripod? Any issues popping up in that relationship? Here are some signs to watch for. 

Iceland 2018

I’m working on setting up a trip to Iceland for September 2018. This should be a great time to visit: smaller crowds, fall color, and auroras. Mmmmm…..auroras. Plus, Iceland. Duh.

I don’t have any details yet, but I just wanted to give you a heads up. This trip will likely be limited to 10, so if it’s something you’re interested in, be sure to drop me a note so I can put you on the list. Three spaces are already spoken for!


Auroras of Yellowknife

Most people think that photographing auroras means going out in the dead of winter and freezing your you-know-whats off. Not true! Autumn in the north is a great time to see and photograph auroras and you’ll probably not even freeze. Too much. Seriously, the nighttime temperatures in Yellowknife in September may get down to around freezing, but it’s not anything you can’t cope with. Plus we’ll have our van close by for those needing to warm up.
And for the next month, I’m offering a $500 discount on this trip to the first five people to sign up. Heck, let’s make the deadline on tax day, April 15th.
Just send me an email to tell me you want to sign up and take advantage of this offer.

Details on the trip can be found here.

Other workshops

Crown Point, Columbia River Gorge
There are still spaces available in my Columbia Gorge Waterfalls and Olympic National Park workshops. But hurry, they're coming up soon and time is running out!

This year's Palouse workshop is sold out. But if I get enough interest I'll try to set up a second workshop. This one would follow the first and likely be during the week of June 25-30 or thereabouts. Be sure to let me know if this is of interest so I can go about securing lodging.


Website rebuild

I'm in the process of rebuilding my main photo website. So if you visit it (perhaps using the links in the first article of this newsletter?) don't be too surprised if things look a little different.

I'm finally converting my main photo site over to the Backlight platform by The Turning Gate. Those of you who've been reading my newsletters for a while already know that my site was built using Lightroom Web plug-ins from The Turning Gate. I started using their software about five years ago and I've been an evangelist ever since.

If you need a professional looking website with image galleries that you can manage directly from Lightroom, I can highly recommend Backlight by The Turning Gate. I've written about Backlight on my blog, so you can go there to get a quick overview.

Just to let you know, I have no financial affiliation with The Turning Gate. I am a beta tester (which does mean I get all the goodies for free) and a moderator on the support forum. But I initially bought in to their web plugins before becoming an annoying evangelist for their products.
I've also created a website devoted to using the software: TTG Tips and Tricks. So if you're already using the software or if you purchase it, you now know someone who knows a little somethin'-somethin' about it. Feel free to ask questions!

Another fort for Bailey

Tracy and I visited the Seattle Flower & Garden show recently and we were bad.

Tracy's been wanting a greenhouse for a long time and we finally gave in.
So this will be a mini-project for me when it arrives sometime around the beginning of next month. Stay tuned for what I'm assuming will be an epic adventure in greenhouse putting upping.
I'm sure Bailey will think it's another fort for her to play in. She'll no doubt post some pictures to her new Instagram account.
Affiliate link. If you buy something I get a taste. It's a win-win!
Look! another affiliate link.
Awesome Website creation plug-ins for Lightroom
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