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April 2017



One spring project done (see below), another on its way, and a few more smaller ones on my to-do list. And one more huge one. Who knows, I may even get out to photograph too! Now there's a concept.

Fun with image panels

Here’s something fun you can do with your images. And it’s really easy too.
This image was created using templates made by Jason Odell. If you don’t know who Jason is, he’s the author of a bunch of guide books on software such as the NIK series (now Google) of filters.

I’ve got a few more examples of this on my website. Click here to take a look.

If you find this intriguing, bounce on over to my blog and read some more.

My latest home project

And there always seems to be a “latest” project.

Several years ago (nine or ten I want to say) we cleared our vacant lot next to our house with plans on expanding our yard and possibly building on it. After this we replaced our existing fence and added a fence around the back and side of the lot. But we needed to contain the rest of the lot so Bailey would have a bigger yard but wouldn’t be able to get out. So I constructed a temporary fence across the new backyard. This fence is made of fence posts from the old fence and some wire fencing material. It was quick to build and did the job, but it was pretty ugly.
So finally (Finally!) we’ve replaced that temporary fence with a real fence. And I must say I’m rather pleased with how it turned out. And yes, I built this all by myself. It has two gates, one of them to allow vehicles into the back yard. And I got to buy a few more useful tools in the process. Now my back just needs to recover.

I still need to trim the posts and cap them off. And build some trellises for the gate and for some sections of the fence. But my new fence and its gates are functional, sturdy, and if I do say so myself, damn fine looking!

Look what we found

Bailey and I found this a couple of weeks ago while walking in the nearby woods. She thinks the big kitties are still around.
I wasn't sure if this was cougar or coyote predation so when we returned home I jumped on the web and looked it up.

Pretty sure this was cougar for a couple of reasons: the hair of the deer was sheared off and the stomach sack was dragged about 20 or so feet away. Apparently, cougars don't like to pair hair or stomach juices with their meat. My understanding is that they generally prefer a Syrah or an earthy Pinot Noir.


Sunset on Rialto Beach
There is still space available in my Olympic National Park workshop. But act fast as hotel rooms in Forks could be filling up. If you are interested, let me know and I can check with the hotel we’re using to see if they still have space (since the cutoff date for that hotel has passed they may have already filled the rooms previously blocked for my group).

We also still have spaces open in the Crossroads Sitka workshop this August. If you’re unfamiliar with Crossroads, their company tagline is “Where Photography and Philanthropy Meet.” It’s all about learning to work with and shoot for the needs of non-profit organizations: doing something meaningful with your photography.
Read my trip report from last year to get a better idea, and be sure to visit the Crossroads website.

And if you liked the image at the top of this newsletter and would like some of your own, consider joining us for the Auroras of Yellowknife tour this September!

Just one more

Seriously, this is fun to do. I don't know what I'll do with them yet, but I'm have a good time goofing around with it. It literally takes longer to decide on which image to use than to make one of these.

Oh's another. Last one. I promise. For now.

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