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May 2017



This is going to be short. I've been so busy playing in the dirt that I don't really have much this month. Feel free to not read any of it.

The Yard Saga

Like I said, I've been busy playing in the dirt. A couple weekends ago I rented a rototiller and spent 7 1/2 hours behind the thing tearing up the yard. That. Was. Fun.

Then we ordered a bunch of topsoil. But this time I became slightly more intelligent and called the wonderful guys who built our retaining wall last year. They came out and in two days worth of work they raked the yard, got rid of rocks and clumps of old grass, and spread out the topsoil. This would have taken me a week of work and three weeks of traction. So that was money well spent.

I managed to do the front yard on my own; it's just a tiny lawn.

So now the seeds are spread, the sprinklers hard at work (fortunately, it's been raining too), and we await our brand new lawn. Bailey too. She's getting tired of trying to find good places to do her "business" since there's no grass.
And the green house arrived yesterday!



There are still spaces available in this September's aurora tour based in Yellowknife in Canada's Northwest Territories.
This is one of the best places to see and photograph auroras. And Yellowknife is a pretty nice place for a base. Lot's of great places to eat and it'seasy to get around in.
The aurora shoots themselves are usually pretty comfortable. Temperatures in the fall may get down to freezing at night but we'll have vehicles close by in which you can stay warm if needed.
And the Yellowknife area is beautiful country too with some bright orange and yellow fall colors.
So why not join us!
Check out the Auroras Tour page on my website for more.

Crossroads Sitka

This year's Crossroads Sitka workshop has, once again, sold out. Thanks to any of you who signed up!
If you're still interested, be sure to contact Santa Fe Workshops to get on a waiting list. (I'm assuming they'll make one, why wouldn't they?)


Just Because

See, pretty skimpy newsletter. But here's Bailey playing with one of her favorite toys, just because.
Affiliate link. If you buy something I get a taste. It's a win-win!
Look! another affiliate link.
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