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August, 2017



Holy you know what! It's supposed to get up to 100 degrees here this week! I hope this doesn't last long. But if so, I'm escaping it by going to Sitka next week. It's 30 degrees cooler in Sitka this week, with clouds, some kind of weather.

Gorge Waterfalls and Palouse workshops posted

I’ve posted both my Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls and Palouse workshops and they are open for registration. The Palouse trip sells out nearly every year so jump on that one early. The Gorge Waterfalls workshop is great if you like flowing water, green forests, the occasional spectacular sunrise, and even some stunning wildflower displays.
I’m still working out the Iceland tour, but I should be finalizing that shortly. In fact, the hotel rooms are being booked as I type.
And for you planners, mark out April 2019. I’m in the process of finalizing a Patagonia photo tour. On the proposed itinerary is “Puma searching.” That should be exhilarating.

Backlight 1.2

The easiest way yet for a do-it-yourself professional looking website

If you’ve been following me for a while you may know how much I like and recommend the web site creation products from The Turning Gate (TTG). TTG started out creating Web Module plug-ins for Lightroom and their current platform is called Backlight. I wrote about it when it first came out, here and here.
Backlight 1.0 became available in mid-2016 and it just keeps improving. The latest release, 1.2 (or "Pangolin"), refines Backlight and comes with improvements and new features based on customer feedback, and a lot more design flexibility.

Read the rest on my blog...

And if you have Backlight, or you get it, and you need some help, don't hesitate to ask for it either in the TTG Community forum or by emailing me directly.

Photo of the month

This is the first in what will probably be an inconsistent series called "Photo of the month."
This, of course, assumes I get something worth sharing. If nothing else, I can always post a picture of Bailey. Pictures of Bailey are always worth sharing.


This was taken during a visit to Jardin du Soleil lavender farm in Sequim (pronounced Squim), WA.

Along with their fields of lavender, there are a whole bunch of poppies. In years past when I visited in mid-July, there were more poppies in bloom than those with seed pods. Things seem to be blooming earlier and earlier these last few years.
But here was a group of seed pods with a background of lavender. Shot on my Nikon D810 with an 80-200 f/2.8 lens at 200mm and f/3.2, I’m using the lack of depth of field to focus on just a few pods with the rest in various stages of focus.

I like the repeating shapes, and shooting at 200mm helps me to control and limit what’s in the background.

Olympic National Park workshops in 2018

I’m considering two Olympic National Park workshops for 2018.
The first will be in May and based out of Forks, WA. This is a great time of year for the rain forest, streams, waterfalls and coastal sunsets.
I really enjoyed being there last May, with the dripping rainforest, nice looking streams and waterfalls, and pretty good sunsets. Olympic in May is fantastic!

The second workshop will be in mid-July and will be based out of Port Angeles. July is the time for wildflowers and deer in the high country of Hurricane Ridge. It’s also prime time to visit lavender farms in nearby Sequim (Pretty poppy pods with a pop of purple!). During this trip will be concentrating on mountain landscapes, wildlife, and wildflower close ups.
Take one. Take both! If you decide to take both, there will be a discount.
I’ll be posting these workshops soon, but if you want me to notify you when they’re up, send me an email.

Always with the chores

Yep, that's me atop our roof clearing out the Douglas fir needles that collect between the asphalt shingles. I used to do this about four or five times a year using a brush and leaf blower and it was exhausting. This time I tried water. And while it may have taken a bit longer, it did a much better job with less effort. So my muscles appreciated that. And Tracy appreciates how clean the roof is.
Last year we had the two trees that contributed the vast majority of needles removed. That's helped a lot. I only need to go up on the roof about once or twice a year for a cleaning now.

I'm never lacking for chores.

(by the way, nice picture by Tracy!)

That's it for August. Keep cool and carry on.
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