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December 2017


Happy Holidays everyone!

Below you'll find a roundup of upcoming workshops. Maybe you'll find something there to add to your shopping list!

Workshops and tours


Next fall I’ll be leading a tour to Iceland for awesome landscapes, fall color, and, if the weather and the solar winds cooperate: auroras. Iceland is truly a magical place (Icelanders believe in elves and who am I to naysay them) and is a place you’ll want to return to. This tour is already nearly half full. Get your deposits in before this one fills up.
More information visit the Iceland page on my Workshops site.

Olympic National Park

Some people refer to Olympic as three parks in one. I simply call it my back yard! I’ve been visiting the Olympic area as far back as I can remember, but I really got intimate with the park over 35 years ago when I began backpacking in the Olympics. Soon followed by photographing in the Olympics. And for the last 16 years, leading photo workshops in the Olympics. And from where I live, I can see the mountains every single day, providing the Washington weather allows me to.

I think it’s safe to say that Olympic National Park is one of my very favorite places to be, and I love sharing it. Consider joining me for next May’s photo workshop to Olympic!


Even if you’ve been before, something new will always be found in the Palouse. The crops are rotated, you’ll follow a road you’ve not been down before, you’ll talk to a local and find out about great old barn or old truck. And you never know how the light will surprise you. The Palouse never disappoints.

I’ll be leading my annual Palouse workshop next June. Want to come along??
Visit my Palouse workshop page for more.


Silver Falls State Park

Oregon's Silver Falls State Park offers some truly beautiful waterfalls and they're all easy to get to with a minimum of sweat. This is one of the most beautiful state parks in the entire country and if you like waterfalls, beautiful forests, and easy access, this is the place.

Next April, based out of Salem, OR, I'll be leading a workshop to Silver Falls. We'll concentrate on waterfalls, of course, but there are also stream and forest and flower shots to be made.
And if you want to extend your stay in Oregon, the Oregon Coast is only a couple of hours away...

For more information, check out the Silver Falls State Park waterfalls workshop on my Workshops site. This trip is already nearly half full and has reached its minimum. So don't wait!

Zion National Park

I'll be co-leading this workshop with my good friend Don Mammoser.
Autumn in Zion--well it's my favorite place to go for autumn. That combination of fall color, red rock and an incredible landscape is hard to beat.
This workshop is scheduled for Oct. 31 - Nov. 4. Hope you can make it!

Visit my Zion page for more.


Patagonia 2019

This one is still a long way off (April 2019), but it’s never too early to get excited by a location like this. Patagonia offers dramatic landscapes and dramatic light. And we’ll be visiting during the region’s autumn, which means fall color!  
Be sure to check it out on my Patagonia page.

On1 Raw 2018

Since I heard something about the NIK filters not being supported in future versions of Lightroom and Photoshop, I decided to give On1 Photo Raw a try.

I must be getting old because I really don’t want to learn a new software package, especially one that’s not all that intuitive to me. And by that I mean I want something that operates in a familiar way. Or to put it more simply: Change Bad!

I’ve watched the video tutorials that come with Photo Raw 2018 and I must say I’m impressed by its masking, image stitching, and its HDR capabilities. Not to mention all the effects and layering capabilities.

But watching videos and actually working with the software are two different things, and I quickly got lost. But after viewing the videos again, I was able to take my first baby steps.
I think the tools are amazing, but as with anything else, be it the camera, Photoshop and Lightroom, web site creation tools, or the media system in my car, it takes some playing and practicing.
And On1 isn’t a piece of software you want to dive into if you’re tired, cranky, or un-caffeinated. Plus it seems slow. For me, it took more than a few times and a lot of patience to do something that I thought should be a lot more straightforward. But I think it’s going to be worth it in the long run and the more I use it, the less frustrated I'll be. Assuming I use it enough so that I don't have to relearn it every time....

In closing

I hope everyone has a safe and joyful holiday season.

I'm just wishing for the Seahawks to go on a seven or eight game winning streak. Bailey is too, though I think I scare her a bit during the games, what with all the whoopin' and the hollerin'.
But here she is, with a fresh haircut and her new Seahawks bandana!

I'll be back next month, hopefully with a blog post about my favorite images from 2017.

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