Back to Basics

In this series of short lessons I'll explain the basics of photographic exposure. Exposure is the most basic of photography concepts and so it's vital to understand it. Otherwise you're stuck in a confusing morass of fractions and f-stops that will haunt your dreams.

So this series is for those who need some basic concepts explained or simply need a refresher.


I originally wrote these lessons in 2005 for an online magazine. The text subsequently appeared in the book 88 Secrets to Wildlife Photography, which I co-authored.
The text has more recently appeared in another book, The Basic Beginner's Guide to Photography, Light and Exposure (2013) co-authored by the person with whom I wrote 88 Secrets to Wildlife Photography. Because of copyright laws regarding co-authorship, he has every right to use the text.
However, I have nothing to do with this more recent book.
I make this statement in the event that someone believes I have plagiarized.

The text in my Back to Basics series was written by me and no other.